Sunday, 28 August 2011

Tribute to Gilad Schalit

Courtesy of and in acknowledgement of Sharon Klaff

I arrived at Trafalgar Square after the rain. The crowd continued to wave Israeli flags and call for support for the release of Gilad and for Israel. The public continued to listen and nobody sought to start a riot! It was a great day – my second day spent at Trafalgar Square adorned with Israeli flags. The first was in 2002 when the entire square was awash with blue and white flags – very emotional. I marked the day thus, and it applies today in these times when Israel stands alone more than ever:


we came to stand
with the lions
waving flags
as we roared
across the square
a single voice
of joined-up words
in translation:
‘Hear o Israel
The Lord our God
The Lord is One’

we came to express
with our friends
holding hands
as we cried
in that square
a single desire
of heartfelt hope
and yearning:
hear o Israel
we stand as one
we stand for life!


Gilad Shalit – Hai

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